Mommy Vibes

Sheila told her Mother who had now become a Grandmother with great concern and worry….

Mom I am really scared!!!

I was so excited!!! but now at this moment when I look into her eyes I am filled with a kind of love and affection I haven’t felt ever before!!!

It is making me so scared and concerned!!!

I just want my little baby to be happy, safe and everything good…

She is so dependent on me!!!

I want to be a good Mother, Mom!!!

I dont know why am I feeling this way!!!

Craziest of all, even if I am asked to stay away from her for any reason regarding her safety I will do it…. I can just live with the truth that she is happy, healthy and safe!!!!

Am I crazy Mom???

Hearing this her calm and patient Mom replied

I don’t think you are crazy…. I think you have become a Mother!!!

Welcome to the world of Motherhood!!! my dear daughter πŸ™‚

And If the fear just doesn’t seem to part ways with you, just breathe in the fresh air of life surrounding you….

Take her in your arms and enjoy each and everything you love about this world along with her

The ‘Sunrise’ !

The ‘Calm Afternoons’ !

The ‘Beautiful Sunset ‘ !

The ‘Magical Moonlit Nights ‘ !

The ‘Changing Seasons ‘ !

The ‘Food you make for her ‘ !

So many things the world has for to enjoy this beautiful state of life!!!

Hearing this Sheila was so happy that her fear, anxiety and doubts totally vanished and she couldn’t wait to begin her beautiful journey as a Mother!!!

She ran towards her Mother and hugged her…

She then exclaimed

“What would I have done without you Mother???!!!”

To which her Mother replied

” Even if I am not there, Mother Nature will protect you!!!!

She is all around us!!!

All you need to have is a lot of faith and confidence in her!!!

Then no fear can engulf your thoughts and deeds!!!

This piece of advice was a treasure that was passed on to me by your Grandma.

And now it has found it’s way towards you!!!

Treasure it and pass it on to your baby when the time comes.

So till then you have lots of things to be done and cherished during this journey!!!!”



Feeling too vain??

Behold the Mountains!!!!

Behold the Ocean!!!

And you will know how much vulnerable you are!!!

Feeling too vulnerable???

Behold the Mountains!!!

Behold the Ocean!!!

Behold Nature!!!

And you will know how much safe, sound and protected you are!!!!

And there you stand in perfect balance,

Your heart and soul pristine and clean!!!

The true feeling of ecstasy and elation!!!!πŸŒ»πŸŒΌπŸŒ…πŸŒˆπŸŒ§οΈπŸŒπŸ˜Š


A Beautiful World

It is a scenario from one of my favourite novels, “Mr Sampath, The printer of Malgudi” by the one and only RK Narayan, that has always remained with me or I have never let it go!!!

The protagonist Sreenivas who happens to be my favourite character till date,and his family never failed to capture my heart!

What a lovely family!!! His wife though a very simple lady who has probably never been out of her own house or kitchen seems to be the perfect woman!!! for me!!!

She is calm, patient, and so is Sreenivas!!! There is no space for romance or any ephemeral sentiments that could put masala into the description to keep the readers glued…but still they happen to be my favourite couple!!!

It’s a scene where Sreenivas returns home in the afternoon for lunch and after the lunch hours he notices his wife taking her day’s rest for sometime in their small room. He feels pity for her and sits with her on the grass mat laid on the floor. She is tired and rests her head on his shoulder casually when he actually is able to smell the smoky odour that comes from her saree on account of her kitchen adventures and chores!!!

He lets her place her head on his shoulder and makes sure that she is comfortable as she slips into a small nap. Within no time an hour or so elapses and before he could retire their son reaches back from school and the entire scenario returns back to their daily, simple and beautiful life!!!

It’s a novel that I read long back. The outline of my favourite scenario has been explained based upon my memory. Please do read it for a clear picture.

For people who love simple Indian fiction, it is a worth read!!!

Do read it for a beautiful experience!!!

The real protagonist in the story happens to be Mr Sampath but for me the real hero is Sreenivas. And his wife will always be my favourite woman!!! I love that family!!!


An exotic lunch

The curd was ‘Thick, Creamy and White’. Padma was very hungry and had entered a small little hut , exhausted and frail with all the trekking and hiking, she had set out all alone as an escape from the mundane life.

She had run out of all the edible essentials within a week!!!! In the weeks trail all she gained was the enlightment that “foodies” should never set out on such expeditions!!! In that hilly area all she could find was that little hut inhabited by an old woman.

The old lady understood that Padma was hungry and tired. Without any formal enquiries or conversation she politely asked Padma to wash her legs, hands and face from the nearby river and make herself seated for lunch. As Padma returned she found that a flat wooden board was kept on the ground and a plantain leaf placed in front of it.

She sat on the wooden plank and waited. After a minute the old lady came with an earthen pot of white boiled rice. She then went inside and came out with a smaller pot of the above mentioned thick, creamy and white curd and a small bowl of green chillies. She told Padma to make herself comfortable and have her lunch. She also asked Padma to forgive her for she could afford only this much.

Padma got overwhelmed at the lady’s generosity and couldn’t even utter a word!!! Also she was extremely hungry!!!

Without wasting a second she started mixing the white rice and curd the lady had served Then she took one green chilly and crushed it onto the white meal and put a generous amount of it into her mouth.

As the heavenly combination of the steaming hot rice and the cool yogurt melted inside her mouth, the crispy crunch contributed by the spicy green chilly gave a real retreat to her tounge!!! She was immediately transported to a beautiful world!!!

A world of satisfaction and awe!!!

Her entire life she had never tasted such an exotic flavour that the combination of these three humble items gave birth to!!!

The generosity and hospitality of the humble lady added on to the flavour. You wouldn’t get that even at the finest of restaurants!!!
It was a magical experience!!!

Padma was happy!!!

She felt that the purpose was well served as she did stumble upon something special and totally uplifting on her quest.


That hand

It was a beautiful Sunday. Rithwik was all set to enjoy the day doing nothing. Being a software engineer he had a tiring week filled with meetings, project deadlines, and what not! The past two weeks had been so hectic that it even made him wean away from his ‘everyweekend visit Mom and Dad motto’!

He just layed on the couch and started browsing his cell phone. He went straight to google photos and started watching all the old photos he had scanned and stored in the phone. There he saw the album which contained the photos taken during his family visits to the beach.

As he went through the pictures he saw something really special in all of them. He saw that as they played in the waves in each and every photo he saw his Dad’s hand held tight onto his wrist. He found it very peculiar and couldn’t help but check onto the older photos. What he found just amazed him. He saw that right from the age of 5 when he first visited the beach till he turned 23 just before getting employed, and moving away from home they had been visiting the beach and those were the most cherished memories. In all those pictures taken all these years he saw the same special thing, his Dad’s hand held tight onto his wrist! when they played in the waters!!!

He immediately called his Dad and talked about it to which his Dad replied casually, “Obviously!, I had to see that you won’t get carried away”!!!

This made rithwik overwhelmed with love and a sense of protection. He couldn’t say anything and his Dad said “I still have my hands held tight onto yours”

Rithwik couldn’t speak much and said

“See you next weekend Dad” and hung up the phone.